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By W. E. B. Griffin, Dick Hill, Brilliance Audio

ISBN-10: 0399140867

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ISBN-10: 0783817223

ISBN-13: 9780783817224

Philippines, 1942. A renegade military officer and a corps of Marines struggle their approach during the center of enemy eastern territory.

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Telling him he had been accepted for enlistment, and that since he was a minor, he would have to have his parents' permission to enlist, form enclosed, signature to be notarized. He got his "foster father" to sign it and mailed it off. But it came back saying that since Everly was a Ward Of The State Of West Virginia, it would have to be signed by the Responsible Official. That turned out to be the Judge of Probate. The Judge signed the form and told him he thought he was doing the smart thing, shook his hand, and wished him good luck.

It was not the response Weston expected. And without really thinking what he was doing, he unslung the submachine gun from his shoulder and handed it to Everly. Everly unslung his Springfield '03 and handed it to Weston. " Weston asked. "Lieutenant, I'm trying to figure out what to do about you," Everly said. " "I'm not going back to The Rock, Mr. Weston," Everly said. "I made up my mind about that a couple of days ago. " "I don't really know. Get off Bataan somehow. Go to one of the other islands.

His teeth were falling out. There was no way he could survive running around in the hot, physically debilitating jungles of the Philippines. He would become a burden to whomever he was with. Weston, however, was another matter. Although Paulson was sure he would try his best, the young pilot would be nearly worthless as a platoon leader. And maybe even worse, he could be a burden to those he was com-manding. On the other hand, if Weston could somehow get out of the Philip-pines, he would be of great use to The Corps.

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