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By Shirlee Kiley, Rochelle Gordon

ISBN-10: 0330284991

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The tip of the age is upon us. quickly the heavens might be shaken, and the battlefield of an historic battle will make its solution to the earth. the material of time and house trembles packed with fractures below the tension of warring battalions, but we of earth take a seat in stillness, in a quiet quarter of our universe, basically ignorant of the forces approximately to embark upon us.

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DID THE ebook OF THIS infrequent MANUSCRIPT reason FAMED ASTRONOMER DR MORRIS okay. JESSUP TO 'COMMIT SUICIDE? " Or was once he murdered due to what he knew? just a handful of copies have been initially revealed on an workplace copier by means of a personal executive contractor. NOW to be had AFTER approximately 50 YEARS at the night of APril 20, 1959, an astronomer dedicated suicide in Dade County Park, FLorida.

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During this extension of Phylos the Thibetans' treaties at the soul development of Mainin, we discover conversation among the better spirit and the extra carnal earthly self of Mainin. A conversation choked with truths and examples retraced again and again in different texts. That existence is an overcoming of SELF, and repair to others is the instance of all non secular adepts and the Christ.

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You feel that if you are going to do something, you are going to do it right, all the way, or not at all. You have a penetrating mind; it is difficult to put something over on you. You require privacy and you respect the privacy of others. As a matter of fact, you can be downright secretive. You have strong intuitive abilities and a periodic need to renew yourself, and change things in your life. You like to throw things away, which may include old lovers. You can be a pretty sexy character. Double Letter (KK): You have excellent recuperative abilities, but you are the compulsive type.

Random Letter: You have close ties to your family and friends. You want to take care of those in need and those with problems. You have a tendency to worry and overreact to situations, most of which have nothing to do with you. You are a home-loving, caring, nurturing individual, who has a need to keep busy and productive. You often bite off more than you can chew. You are willing to work hard to earn money and can squirrel it away quite well. Double Letter (MM): You must be careful to mother, and not smother.

U ---Synonyms: Understanding, Universality, Unity, Utopia, Undermining. Definition: This is an energy of idealism, kindness, generosity, and expansion. This energy acts in big ways. It is optimistic, to say the least. It holds a strong sense of spirituality. Experienced positively, it is outgoing, sincere, versatile, excitable, expansive, and lucky. Negatively it may be experienced as grandiosity or bigotry; U people may be opinionated loudmouths, tactless, and selfish. Thrust Letter: Your mind runs to humanitarianism and your thoughts are mainly in the future.

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