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By Jacob Aagaard

ISBN-10: 9197524468

ISBN-13: 9789197524469

The Sicilian safeguard is the preferred chess beginning at each point of match play. right here, a multinational lineup of top specialists supplies suggestions opposed to their very own puppy traces within the Sicilian protection. The authors are are all both Grandmasters or overseas Masters, and readers now have an entire advisor to fiddling with White opposed to the Sicilian.

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The Sicilian security is the most well-liked chess establishing at each point of match play. the following, a multinational lineup of prime specialists supplies ideas opposed to their very own puppy strains within the Sicilian safeguard. The authors are are all both Grandmasters or overseas Masters, and readers now have a whole advisor to fidgeting with White opposed to the Sicilian.

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G. 8 ... h5, or 8 ... id7 and 9 ... h5). I always used to think that such ideas are unsound for Black, because White will quickly play h3 !? (and develop the fl -bishop, if necessary) , intending g4. If Black then allows g4 the pawn will create colossal strategic pressure on the fG-knight, which Black can hardly survive. So, after h3 Black's only logical continuation will be ... h4 (forgetting completely all ideas involving castling, as then the h4 pawn will be doomed) , followed by moves like ...

A4 with the ideas: 2s . . lLl h3? lLlxe6t! b4+- And 2S . . b4 ! b4 White's b-pawn is too dangerous. 2S ... �e5 Or 28 . . @c2 and White wins. ttJ c6! �d7 And Black resigned. 1 -0. �b3, White's chances can be preferred. 20 J3acS •. 20 . . b5? g6 ! �h3!? �dfl , preparing f4-£5, was also possible as after 2 1 .. 'lWh2 ! £5 ! �xd4 with an initiative in the endgame. 2 1 . b5 deserves attention. a3 ! �b6 (22 . . lLla2 ! b4 with the idea 23 . . £5. �d3 b 5 This leads to a sharp endgame, which is objectively better for White.

LDd4. White has an extra pawn, but unfortunately I am afraid to recommend such a greedy choice to White. The position is complex and some global investigation is required. Ya5! •• Now comes 1 3 . . lDxf3 ! (according to Ward, this is a more accurate introduction than 1 3 . . lDxf3 Ei:xc3 (or 1 4 . . g2 lDxe4 with fine compensation for the rook, which is confirmed by a few dozen games, starting with Sandor - Aagaard, Hamburg 1 993. e2 ! b5 ( 1 3 ... l"i:xc3 fails to impress. �b3 ! �c3! �b l !?

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