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By Emil Jan Konopinski

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26. 37 Ohnishi T, Wilson DF, Chance B, Asakura T. 1972. Studies on iron–sulfur proteins in site I region of respiratory chain in pigeon heart mitochondria and submitochondrial particles. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 46:1631–1638. Beinert H, Albracht SPJ. 1982. New insights, ideas and unanswered questions concerning iron–sulfur clusters in mitochondria. Biochim Biophys Acta 683:245–277. Page CC, Moser CC, Chen XX, Dutton PL. 1999. Natural engineering principles of electron tunnelling in biological oxidation-reduction.

Hoffman BM, DeRose V, Doan PE, Gurbiel RJ, Houseman ALP, Telser J. 1993. Metalloenzyme active-site structure and function through multifrequency CW and pulsed ENDOR. In Biological magnetic resonance: EMR of paramagnetic molecules, pp. 151–218. Ed LJ Berliner, J Reuben. New York: Plenum. 35. Britt RD, Sauer K, Klein MP, Knaff DB, Kriauciunas A, Yu CA, Yu L, Malkin R. 1991. Electron-spin echo envelope modulation spectroscopy supports the suggested coordination of 2 histidine ligands to the Rieske Fe–S centers of the cytochrome–b6f complex of spinach and the cytochrome–bc1 complexes of Rhodospirillum rubrum, Rhodobacter sphaeroides R-26, and Bovine Heart Mitochondria.

These were among the first to use rapid freezing to trap the enzyme in different stages of the catalytic cycle [86]. Two different EPR signals are observed from the Fe–S clusters in this and related proteins. One has an unusually high rhombicity, but 28 RICHARD CAMMACK AND FRASER MACMILLAN Table 2. Hyperfine couplings to 14N determined by EMR Center Arthrospira ferredoxin [2Fe–2S] Porfira umbilicalis ferredoxin [2Fe–2S] Clostridium pasteurianum [2Fe–2S] protein Fumarate reductase [2Fe–2S] cluster 1 [3Fe–4S] cluster 3 Arum maculatum succinate dehydrogenase [2Fe–2S] cluster 1 [3Fe–4S] cluster 3 Xanthine oxidase reduced [2Fe–2S] (both clusters similar) Rieske cluster in bovine heart mitochondrial membranes N1 N2 Benzene dioxygenase Riesketype [2Fe–2S] from HYSCORE N1 N2 Benzene dioxygenase Rieske-type [2Fe–2S] ferredoxin from HYSCORE N1 N2 Rieske cluster in cytochrome b6f complex (spinach) N1 N2 Burkholderia cepacia 2-halobenzoate 1,2-dioxygenase N1 N2 B.

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