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By H. K. Henisch and Heinz K. Henisch (Auth.)

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Various filters were inserted to determine the rough spectral composition of the electroluminescent radiation. The experiments were preformed on dark bluish single crystals of commercial grade. Their conductivity was mainly jfr-type in bulk, but surface layers of τζ-type material were present in some regions. Pure silicon carbide should be colourless and transparent. c. T. \ J ammeter To vacuum pump FIG. 1. Experimental arrangement for the measurement of light emission from silicon carbide crystals under electrical excitation.

Currents in the presence of large reverse voltages. For practical purposes, a "good" injecting contact would be one which can carry a substantial forward current without suffering thermal damage or major diminution of injection ratio. It would be characterized by a prominent inversion layer and a high carrier life-time in the immediate vicinity. Minority carriers which originate in the inversion layer during injection must, of course, be continuously replenished when a current is flowing. This is done by the thermal generation of electron-hole pairs at the metal-semiconductor interface.

The lower the life-time, the more nearly would the regions behave as if they were in simple ohmic series connection. 1) in which V is that part of the total applied voltage which appears across the junction a n d j s a (reverse) saturation current density which depends on the carrier life-time. g. 2) where Dp is the diffusion constant for holes and pno the equilibrium concentration of free holes in the w-type material. It expresses the fact that the reverse current is mainly due to the resident minority carriers which are being extracted by the junction at the same rate at which they are being thermally generated in the vicinity and supplemented by influx from neighbouring regions.

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