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Medical psychiatrist Rick Strassman explores the results of DMT, some of the most robust psychedelics known.

summary: medical psychiatrist Rick Strassman explores the consequences of DMT, some of the most robust psychedelics recognized

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The NIMH team that discounted the theory of a DMT-psychosis relationship, leading to the demise of human DMT research, critiqued both approaches. They pointed to the lack of consistent differences between blood levels of DMT in normal volunteers and psychotic patients; they also rejected claims that the effects of DMT and symptoms of schizophrenia demonstrated enough similarities to justify additional research. First, let's discuss the blood level data. Essentially all DMT studies measured its concentration in blood drawn from forearm veins.

They could not bring back memories of the experience. The only thing that remained with them was the feeling that something frightening had happened. 6 mg/ kg IV DMT doses to Philip and Nils. We hear about near-death and spiritual experiences, and contact with "them" in the DMT realms. I felt conflicting priorities around friendship and research goals. The drawbacks of the hospital setting and medical model quickly were apparent. The need to give full psychedelic doses was already tempered by an awareness of their potential for negative reactions.

The tryptamine family was a logical place to focus, as both serotonin and LSD are tryptamines. Success was not long in coming. In 1946, 0. Gongalves isolated DMT from a South American tree used for psychedelic snuffs and published his findings in Spanish. In 1955, M. S. Fish, N. M. Johnson, and E. C. Horning published the first English-language paper describing DMT's presence in another closely related snuff-producing tree. 3 In the 1950s, Hungarian chemist and psychiatrist Stephen Szara read about the profoundly mind-altering effects of LSD and mescaline.

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