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By Jian-Liang Lin, Hong-Sen Yan

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This e-book offers a scientific layout method for deciphering the internal constitution of the Antikythera mechanism, an astronomical equipment from historical Greece. The historic history, surviving facts and reconstructions of the mechanism are brought, and the old improvement of astronomical achievements and diverse astronomical tools are investigated. Pursuing an procedure according to the conceptual layout of recent mechanisms and taking into consideration the criteria of technological know-how and know-how on the time, all possible designs of the six lost/incomplete/unclear subsystems are synthesized as illustrated examples, and forty eight possible designs of the whole inside constitution are awarded. This procedure offers not just a logical software for utilising smooth mechanical engineering wisdom to the reconstruction of the Antikythera mechanism, but additionally an leading edge examine path for making a choice on the unique buildings of the mechanism sooner or later. briefly, the booklet bargains priceless new insights for all readers who're drawn to the Antikythera mechanism.

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The excavation of Antikythera astronomical device, preserved in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens now, is a group of fragments, as shown in Fig. 3. The total number of the excavated fragments is 82 pieces, according to detection results [10–12, 19]. They include 7 major fragments (A–G) and 75 small fragments (no. 1–75). For the assembly positions of these excavated fragments, fragments A, B, C, and D belong to the top of the device, and fragments E, F, and G are below these 4 major fragments.

6. The surface of equatorial sundials is an incline parallel to the equator, and its gnomon is parallel to the axis of the Earth. The surface of horizontal sundials is parallel to the ground, and the gnomon is parallel to the axis of the Earth. 6 Fixed sundials. a Equatorial sundial [42]. b Horizontal sundial. c Vertical sundial, reprinted from Ref. [43], copyright 2015, with permission from the Web site. d Non-planar sundial [44, 45] 30 2 Ancient Astronomical Instruments two types of sundials were much popular in the excavated sundials.

13, designed and created by Giovanni de’ Dondi, a professor in the University of Padua and a clock maker between 1348 and 1364 [18, 24, 29, 31–33]. Seven dials of the upper section of this astronomical clock, respectively, demonstrate the primum mobile, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars. 14 shows all of the reconstructed dials of de’ Dondi’s astrarium. The mechanism contained in each dial of the astronomical clock was an epicyclic gear train with pin-in-slot joints [34, 35]. This special design was common in the ancient astronomical mechanical devices and was essential for the anomaly motion.

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