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By W. E. van Wijk

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28. (§ 5). Find the base for KY. expo 3029. What does the answer to the first question stand for? (§ 6). Find the true Kumbha sa",kriinti for KY. expo 4635. Find the equivalent Julian date and the time of day. (see Aux. Table II, Sect. E). Find the equivalent Julian date and the time of day. Find the Gregorian equivalent and the time (in gha/ikas and pa/as [see aux. Table II, sect. Y. expo 4932. (§ 7). Find the Julian equivalent of 24 Karka KY. expo 4372, using the true sa",kriinti and the Orissa rule.

__ .. T 247. 59 1 Dhanlls T 27 6 . 6 7 2 MiirgaJirfa M 27 6 . 9 06 T ;65. 2 59 Mina Phiilgllna M ;67·;44 Anomal. period 0 ;65. 2 59 Surplus of synodic period over D anomal. period 1. 976 ~ MiirgaJirla Paula Miigha Phiilguna Check for true intercalations and suppressions of lunisolar months > > > < 27 6 . 99 0 ;;5·437 ;65. - ... _.... 5 6 7 8 9 . _...... 10 II 12 I; . "' Multiples of I anom. per. 000 29·5;1 59. 59 .. -... -.. -... -- . 122 147. 6 5; 177. 7 1 4 6 . 2 45 23 ....... ;06 ;24. 55 5 5.

Abjavara . added months 10 mean true II adhika Adi (tamil) Adivara . Adityavara Aghran (bengali) Aharpalivara Ahaskaravara amanta- and purpimanta schemes - dence of. reckoning or -scheme amavaSya. 19 added Karka correspon- 1 st aux. Table F 26 13 lithi 30 IV B . Angarakavara Angirasavara Ani (tamil) . o o Margalir fa o o

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