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Greater than 80 years after the Scopes trial, creationism is alive and good. via neighborhood college forums, sympathetic politicians, and well-funded businesses, a robust move has constructed to motivate the instructing of the most recent incarnation of creationism—intelligent design—as a scientifically credible concept along evolution in technology periods.

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Each individual responds differently to vaccines. The strength of each individual’s initial immune response to a vaccine determines how well the body will respond to possible infection in the future. Vaccines come in many different types and forms. g. single proteins) like for human papillomavirus, toxoid which are inactivate toxic compounds from the pathogen like tetanus and synthetic antigens. In addition, there are a number of new types of vaccines in development or being manufactured such as conjugate vaccines in which toxins are linked to proteins, recombinant vectors in which the microorganism and the DNA of another organism are linked, and DNA vaccination which is created from the DNA of the pathogen.

BIOLOGY 38 TEACHER CERTIFICATION STUDY GUIDE d. Explain the genetic and cellular bases for Mendel’s laws of dominance, segregation, and independent assortment Gregor Mendel is recognized as the father of genetics. His work in the late 1800’s is the basis of our knowledge of genetics. Although unaware of the presence of DNA or genes, Mendel realized there were factors (now known as genes) that were transferred from parents to their offspring. Mendel worked with pea plants and pollinated the plants himself, keeping track of subsequent generations which led to the Mendelian laws of genetics.

During transcription, the DNA molecule is copied into an RNA molecule (mRNA). Transcription occurs through the steps of initiation, elongation, and termination. Transcription also occurs for rRNA and tRNA, but the focus here is on mRNA. Initiation begins at the promoter of the double-stranded DNA molecule. The promoter is a specific region of DNA that directs the RNA polymerase to bind to the DNA. The double-stranded DNA opens up and RNA polymerase begins transcription in the 5’  3’ direction by pairing ribonucleotides to the deoxyribonucleotides as follows to get a complementary mRNA segment: Deoxyribonucleotide A G Ribonucleotide   U C Elongation is the synthesis on the mRNA strand in the 5’  3’ direction.

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