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By Colin Andrews

ISBN-10: 156414674X

ISBN-13: 9781564146748

What are crop circles and what do they suggest? Who-or what-is accountable for the hundreds of thousands of advanced styles present in cereal vegetation around the world? Are they made by means of extraterrestrial beings or executive satellites? Are they screams from a demise planet? Are we at risk, and are crop circles a few form of caution sign? Colin Andrews, writer of the 1st ebook concerning the crop circle phenomenon, brings the area modern together with his a long time of study into this interesting topic. he's taking you on a mysterious and informative experience into the area of the crop circle phenomenon, delivering an outline and atmosphere the list immediately in regards to the nature of crop circles, their starting place, and their which means. He and Stephen J. Spignesi, discover the various theories of crop circle formation, describe Colin's first event with crop circles and the way this led him into his life's paintings.

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There seems to be. The crop circle mystery may very well be part of a broader spiritual plan, conceived by authors who, so far, prefer to remain anonymous. Why would mankind need to be given a spiritual nudge? The world is a tinderbox. 2/11/03, 4:46 PM The Path / 35 On any given day, a war is raging somewhere on our planet. There are hate crimes, kidnappings, political torture, terrorism, pollution, poverty, starvation, genocide, assassination, embezzling, drug addiction, domestic violence, illiteracy, rape, murder, homelessness….

In addition to the circus in the fields, there is also the question of liability. p65 48 their land. When cereal crops are very dry, they are very combustible, and one single dropped cigarette could turn acres of crops into an inferno. One lit cigarette could wipe out 100 acres of ripened wheat in minutes. Fires in the field happen regularly when harvesters overheat, but the difference is that the farmer can usually put it out quickly, and there aren’t dozens, or in many cases, hundreds of people milling about at the site of the blaze.

On May Day 1990, for the first time, we suddenly saw two circles connected by a straight line. It cannot be denied that these patterns have been evolving before our eyes, and they have also been expanding in their geographic distribution. Their reach has now extended to almost every country on earth, and the density of reports within individual countries has also been on the rise over the past several years. The unavoidable conclusion is that the phenomenon is evolving, and this has convinced many people around the world—many of whom were long-time skeptics—that the crop circle mystery is real, and that it has meaning.

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