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By Alfonso Romero

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In a groundbreaking paintings, a Spanish grandmaster explains how creativity can be utilized to beat technical hindrances at the chessboard. after they have got a bonus, too many avid gamers make the error of assuming that the exploitation of this advantge will simply be an issue of procedure, requiring accuracy, yet little mind's eye. Romero exhibits, by means of analyzing the play of the nice chess champions, that the other is usually the case: occasionally it's the paradoxical resolution that works, while the mechanical procedure could dissipate the well-deserved virtue. via following Romero in his research of the numerous extraordinary useful examples during this e-book, readers will unavoidably elevate their realizing of chess procedure ordinarily and fine-tune their intuition for sensing these severe moments whilst non-standard options are worthy.

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It can move to d1, d3, d4, dS, d6, e2, e3, c1 or c3 and can capture on f2 or d7. 42 Getting to Know the Pieces h) The Black bishop has three possible moves, one of which is a cap­ ture. The bishop can move to g1 or g3, or it can capture on f4. Exercise 5 a) The white pawn on c2 has four possible moves: it can move to c3 • •r c4, and it can capture the rook on b3 or the bishop on d3. h) The black pawn only has one move, to capture the white knight on g4. Exercise 6 a) Yes - the knight has the ability to jump over pieces.

47 Concise Chess Getting Out of Check (3): Block1ng the Line of Fire 8 7 8 7 6 5 4 6 5 4 3 2 3 2 1 a b c d e f g a h Check! b c d e f g h The bishop interposes The first diagram above is once again similar to the first one on the previous page. This time, however, Black has another extra bishop, which is on the b4-square. As we have seen previously, Black could step out of check by moving his king from g8 to g7. He can also get out of check by capturing on a8 with the bishop on dS, thus eliminat­ ing the checking piece.

41 Concise Chess Solutions to Exercises Exercise 1 On an open board the rook always has 14 possible moves available, regardless of where it is positioned. Exercise 2 a) The bishop has six moves, two of which are captures. It can move to cS, b6, eS or c3, while it can capture the black rook on a7 or the black knight on f6. b) It would take the black rook six consecutive moves to capture the three white pieces. There are several ways to do this, with one being the following: move to b7, capture on b2, move to d2, capture on d4, move to e4, capture on e3.

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