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By Stanton T. Friedman, Don Berliner

ISBN-10: 156924863X

ISBN-13: 9781569248638

On July eight, 1947, the U.S. military acknowledged that the continues to be of a "flying disk" have been recovered from a ranch close to Corona, New Mexico. Now, this ebook exposes the government's winning 40-year conspiracy to hide the reality at the back of Americ's such a lot documented unidentified flying object come across

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There was absolutely no science to back up General Samford's theory, but this was known only to a few scientists who had looked into the matter... and they kept quiet. Many years later, an official Air Force scientific report demolished the "temperature inversion" explanation for UFOs, but it was not publicized and thus had no impact. On the same day the Air Force held its big press conference the Central Intelligence Agency began a series of hush-hush meetings to deal with its concern that a flood of UFO reports could clog the nation's communications channels and be used by some enemy as a smoke screen to conceal an attack.

Nathan Twining, commander of the Air Materiel Command. Within the order was the first known official mention of the possibility that some of the flying saucers might be extraterrestrial spacecraft: This strange object, or phenomenon, may be considered, in view of certain observations, as long-range aircraft capable of a high rate of climb, high cruising speed and highly maneuverable and capable of being flown in very tight formations. For the purpose of analysis and evaluation of these so-called "flying saucers," the object sighted is being assumed to be a manned craft of unknown origin.

I keep wondering if some remnants of the crash might still be THE SEARCH FOR EVIDENCE BEGINS 17 lying on the New Mexico desert floor. According to my father, some of it was left behind when he and his crew visited the crash site. I suspect, however, that after the true nature of the craft became known to Air Force Intelligence, the whole site was gone over with a vacuum cleaner. As early as 1979 it was becoming evident not only that something very mysterious had been retrieved from the New Mexico desert in 1947, but also that additional information about it was only compounding the mystery instead of elucidating it.

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