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Similarly, reversible reactions such as S ^ * P can be (x) (y) f three dimensions, by plotting the net flux treated with (v = kx - k y ) as a function of x and y. A flux surface is then obtained which, for a simple reaction, reduces to a plane passing through the origin. The reversible case can also be treated in two dimensions as indicated in Figure lh9 but in general, such situations become geometrically complicated and require an analytical approach. B. Use of Dynamical Characteristics to Determine Reaction Character* The use of the dynamical characteristics to deter­ mine the stationary state character of the reaction has been previously pointed out by Chance (6).

Drawn before we became aware of the importance of AMP in this process. I fear that a real enzyme would look like this (or even worse) when considered in detail, rather than like the simple cases described by Dr. Higgins. Figure 2 shows the results of combining such a model of hexokinase with suitable models for PFK, mitochondrial metab­ olism, and so on. Here again G~'6-P piles up and falls off, ADP piles up and starts back down, cytoplasmic ATP falls off, while mitochondrial ATP (not shown) piles up, so that the sum of the two is about as observed for the total.

Using the same technique, one finds that the net reaction is characterized as v ( E Q) Thus, in this case, where YmQ KVm^ (i)« 1, 2, 3^ U ) , the system is again well behaved as a function of x 0 and the net flux is determined by the first step. f the reac­ An example which illustrates the dependence of tion character on the SCV is obtained when the Vm s for the different enzymes in the above sequence are ordered as in Figure 13A. The value xo* is determined by the intersection of the lowest Vm (in this case Vmx) with the 0 characteris­ tic.

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