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By Howard Staunton

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A few of the earliest books, relatively these relationship again to the 1900s and ahead of, are actually tremendous scarce and more and more pricey. we're republishing those vintage works in cheap, prime quality, sleek variations, utilizing the unique textual content and art.

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F6 i s p o s sible 17 . 'l';'txb5+-) 17. iLxe7 'l';'txe7 lB. 'l';'tdl± Black's knight will not escape alive from al. The other capture on d4 looks more playable - 12 ... lLlxf5 lLlxf5 14 . l:td1 'l';'te5 as in Cruz Lo ­ pez Claret - Rodriguez Vargas, Madrid 1992 when 15 . l:td5! (if 15. 'l';'txc4, then 15 . . l:tadBao) 15 . . 'l';'te6 1 6 . lLlg5 'l';'t e 1 + 1 7 . iL f1 g6 lB. 'l';'txc4± still promises White better chances. 'l';'th4 is very real. In the same time the activity of Black's queen on the first rank is only temporary as it is easily 4B repelled by help of lLlg5-f3.

CiJe5! i.. a3±, analysis of A. Adorj an . In case of 13 . . g4 1 4 . CiJe5 ! �xg2 i.. x dl 1 6 . CiJxc6 bxc6 1 7 . z:tacl± White is better again A. Adorjan. In both lines the c4pawn is doomed. a3!? The most promising way to fight for an opening advantage. d5 would lead after 14 . . ttJe7! ( 14 . . dB? dxc6! nxd l 16 . fxdl i.. a 5 1 7 . b4! i.. x b4 19 . ab l a5 2 0 . a3 bxc6 2 1 . a3 i.. ttJxf7 ttJxb2 20. ttJd6 to equality after the series of exchanges in the game Polovo­ din - Novik, Leningrad 19BB.

11Jh4 Black is unable to cover f5-square from the intrusion of White's knight by 19 . . xg6! fxg6 2 1 . �e6+-. 19 . t>h8 20 . l1Jf5 �e5 23. ; This position arose in Ivani­ sevic - Scekic, Vrnjacka Banja 1998. White's pieces are much more active in comparison with the situation from the notes to move 13 in variation c2c . Es­ pecially dangerous is the d-pawn. c4 c5 Black is ready to play Tar­ rasch Defence. He hopes for a good piece play in the centre in return to a possible isolated pawn on d5.

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