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By Dave Lee

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'Once one within reason useful at useful sorcery, there's little of value that continues to be to be stated or learn in regards to the topic; the magician at this aspect has a tendency to stress internal improvement in his paintings. it kind of feels to me that Chaos Magic itself has reached this aspect; the elemental rules wanted for a person to build his or her personal process of sorcery and to hone their talents are already coated through the to be had books. What has been missing up to now, is a Chaos magical strategy to the research of the ecstatic states that underlie magical gnosis. This publication, instead of attempting to supply yet one more a little bit varied flavour of Chaos procedure, takes as its place to begin the connection among ecstasy and magic; among Chaos Magic and Chaos Mysticism, in case you like.' from web page eight "Chaotopia! is neither Utopia nor its contrary. it really is what Austin Osman Spare known as 'the chaos of the normal', visible via an illuminated eye, the attention of the sorcerer." Chaotopia! comprises updates and reviews of options in Chaos Magick and an exploration of ecstatic states in relation to either magick and mysticism. additionally chapters on: Wealth Magick/Conflict and Exorcism/Sex Magick/Body Alchemy and Healing/Magick and Physics/Chaos Illumination/Spirits/Aeonics 'A very smart e-book by way of a number one Chaos Magician with a purpose to develop and deepen Chaoist debate, concept and practice.' Peter J. Carroll

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Even if you are convinced that the source of the visitations is one of the clients or inhabitants of the house, and that this person will simply reinstate them in another day or two, the house cleansing will give the clients time to relax and centre themselves, to remember what life was like before the entity came, and maybe decide on further action. EXORCISM QUESTIONNAIRE 1. FIRST (HUMAN) CONTACTS: i) DATE DATE 2. CLIENT CONTACT: NAMES ADDRESS PHONE 3. WORKING TEAM: 4. T H E PEOPLE: 65 Dave Lee a) Who has experienced this endty?

PSYCHOLOGY OF MONEY: SELF-ESTEEM Undoubtedly one of the chief barriers to wealth and money is low self-esteem. If, at some level of your internal monologue, there is a voice saying 'I don't deserve to be well off, I don't deserve to have more money' and so forth, then however sophisticated your magics, they will mosdy fail. Therefore, work on your self-esteem, your sense of worth. Flex the muscles of desire and positive self image by using the following exercises. EXERCISES: i) Consider your desire for money.

4. LUCK This is one of those elusive qualities which a magician should be interested in; wherever chance operates in life, there is room for magical influence. EXERCISE: Learn to attune yourself to your feelings, the signals in your body, around the issues of luck. Ask yourself whether a particular move is a good idea, and 'listen' for the sensations. Ask yourself how lucky you are feeling, and feel what happens. Learn what these body-sensations mean in terms of your luck. Experiment with trusting your 'lucky' feelings.

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