New PDF release: British Antarctic Expedition (1907 - 1909 ). Biology

By E.H.Shackleton

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A FIGURE 12. Ciliate with a beak, a series of strong cilia at the series FIGURE ciliate with projecting crest ; no other details noted. mouth, and another round half the circumference of the body. Large oval ciliate, occupying an elliptical area. 13. ciliated all over, The cilia and with a vibrating membrane appear to be continued under the skin as rods (as in the species figured in 9a). FIGURE 14. A dark brown ciliate, with cilia all over the body. It is elliptical in No form, with the poles produced into rounded processes.

PLATE I PLATE I MICROPHOTOGRAPHS OF A ROTIFER PhUodina gregaria, FIGURE Portion of the 1. field sp. n. of the microscope, crowded with the Rotifers, under a low power. These examples were brought by Priestley from a lake in the west. They were frozen solid when brought in. As soon as they were thawed some were transferred by a pipette to a slide and photographed. They were not narcotised, and were beginning to stretch themselves and creep about, so the exposure had to be very short. Many of them have moved and are blurred in the photograph.

Apparently a bit of vegetable tissue. Such a plant must have been introduced, but if so it must have been previous to our expedition, as it was found in the ice of a lake which was frozen when we arrived. FIGUBE 25. FIGURE 26. An elliptical A brown hyaline body, made up of eight rings. probody with finely reticulate surface. One pole duced with a little point. There is no opening of any kind. Fig. 27b shows a bit of the reticulate surface more highly magnified. FIGURE 27a. FIGURE 28. is discoid Round vegetable cells, in with green contents, like two dark mass as in four of the cells figured filled in the two cells at the ends of the A few were irregular clusters and strings.

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