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Published via the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic study Series.

This is the 7th quantity within the Antarctic learn sequence that bargains with marine biology. It includes 4 papers. 3 describe organisms from the bathypelagic quarter and from shallower depths, and the fourth offers with ciliated protozoans from shallow marine and freshwater habitats.


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Copyright American Geophysical Union Antarctic Research Series Biology of the Antarctic Seas VII MCSWEENY: CRANCHI ID SQUID GALlTEUTHIS GLACIALlS (CHUN) Vol. 27 31 Fig. 1 2. Galiteuthis glacialis. Developmental series of tentacular clubs. (a ) Right, E L T 683, 26-mm M L . ( b) Right, SC 24-62, 38mm ML. ( el Left, ELT 935, 55-mm ML. (d) Right, ELT 949, 62-mm ML. (e) Left, ELT 949, 84-mm ML. (f ) Left, ELT 1023, 107-mm ML. (g) Left, ELT 1634, 130-mm ML. (h) Left, ELT 992, 235-mm ML. Copyright American Geophysical Union Antarctic Research Series 32 Biology of the Antarctic Seas VII Vol.

They are covered with a thin chitinous layer which bears small teeth that are directed posteriorly on the inner sur­ face at the tips. The esophagus originates as a con­ tinuation of the groove formed by the palatine lobes at the posterior termination of the pharynx. Bidder [ 1966] listed five glands opening into the buccal cavity : the single median submandibular, or sublingual , gland ; the paired anterior salivary glands ; and the paired posterior salivary glands. The submandibular gland in this species is a small, com­ pact gland occupying the anterior ventral portion of the odontophore below the salivary papilla.

Near the dorsal end of the liver the cephalic artery is reduced to a slender vessel of constant diameter. Within a short distance it gives off a branch which passes to the dorsal man­ tle wall with the mesenteries attaching the liver. H ere it bifurcates as the posterior mantle arteries, sending a branch posteriorly on either side of the mantle nerve trunks j ust under the gladius. At inter­ vals these send branches laterally into the mantle. Directly dorsal to the liver, the cephalic artery gives off the hepatic artery, which passes straight down­ ward into that organ.

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