Biology of Conidial Fungi. Volume 2 by Garry T. Cole PDF

By Garry T. Cole

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The diseases include allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, aspergilloma, invasive aspergillosis, and colonization and invasion of debilitated tissue such as burned skin and injured eyes. Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis occurs in the atopic patient with severe asthma. Bronchiectasis is present along with cylindric dilatation of subsegmental bronchi of the apical regions of the lung. Mucus plugs are often coughed up. Upon examination they reveal dichotomously branched, septate mycelium growing within the material.

Colonies produced on Czapek agar are dull blue-gray with a granular to tufted surface. Distinct fascicles may be produced near the margin. Surface droplets are rare. The colony reverse is light to deep walnut brown. A strong sourish odor, suggestive of rotting apples, is produced by most isolates. A few produce a distinct acetic acid odor. Conidiophores are asymmetric, consisting of smooth-walled branches and metulae and flask-shaped phialides giving rise to small (3 /xm), ellipsoid, smooth-walled conidia.

D. Moldy Corn Toxicosis In 1952 a severe, often fatal, disease of swine occurred in parts of Florida and Georgia. The disease was noncommunicable and, although the precise cause was not known, the outbreaks seemed to involve the consumption of moldy corn in the field. Subsequently, Burnside et al. (1957) isolated 13 mold species from the corn implicated in the disease. Of these, Aspergillus flavus and Pénicillium rubrum were found to be toxic in experimental studies, causing severe hemorrhage in several body tissues.

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