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The top of the age is upon us. quickly the heavens might be shaken, and the battlefield of an old struggle will make its technique to the earth. the material of time and house trembles choked with fractures below the stress of warring battalions, but we of earth sit down in stillness, in a quiet quarter of our universe, essentially ignorant of the forces approximately to embark upon us.

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DID THE e-book OF THIS infrequent MANUSCRIPT reason FAMED ASTRONOMER DR MORRIS okay. JESSUP TO 'COMMIT SUICIDE? " Or used to be he murdered due to what he knew? just a handful of copies have been initially revealed on an place of work copier via a personal executive contractor. NOW to be had AFTER approximately 50 YEARS at the night of APril 20, 1959, an astronomer devoted suicide in Dade County Park, FLorida.

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During this extension of Phylos the Thibetans' treaties at the soul development of Mainin, we discover conversation among the better spirit and the extra carnal earthly self of Mainin. A conversation jam-packed with truths and examples retraced again and again in different texts. That existence is an overcoming of SELF, and repair to others is the instance of all religious adepts and the Christ.

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M. (formerly Roswell AAF). (US. Air Fohrcze photo) Fig. 54. (Above Right) This NASA VIKING flying saucerlike space probe was test “own by “. S. Air Force high altitude balloons in 1972 at the former Roswell Armv Air Field. (NASA) . Fig. 55. M. (NASA) Click for high-quality picture. Tethered Balloons. The Holloman Balloon Branch, in addition to high altitude research activities, also conducted low altitude tethered balloon flights. ” Most standard shaped tethered balloons are readily identified when near the ground or when the tether is visible.

With Gildenberg are MAN HIGH I pilot Capt. Joseph W. Kittinger, Jr. and MAN HXXI project scientist/pilot, Lt. Cal. David G. Simons (MC). When Gildenberg attempted to inform UFO theorists that high altitude balloon projects were likely responsible for some of the UFO claims. his explanations were rejected, see also pages 8 & 9. S. Click for high-quality picture. 48 Air Force photo) landing. In the flat, featureless desert areas of southeastern New Mexico near Roswell, the parachutes, payloads, the balloons themselves, and circling chase aircraft often drew crowds of curious onlookers from the local community.

Fig. 34. M. Click for high-quality picture. h4 This detail, dummies with missing fingers, appears to satisfy another element of the research profile-aliens with only four fingers. Fig. 5. Rough treatment and parachute failures during balloon drops often caused damage to the hands of the dummies. This detail, “brings” with “four fingers,” was related by two witnesses as a distinguishing feature of the Roswrll aliens. S. Air I;orcr phoro) Click for high-quality picture. 33 Click for high-quality picture.

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