Atoms in Molecules: A Quantum Theory (International Series - download pdf or read online

By Richard F. W. Bader

ISBN-10: 0198551681

ISBN-13: 9780198551683

ISBN-10: 0198558651

ISBN-13: 9780198558651

The molecular constitution hypothesis--that a molecule is a set of atoms associated via a community of bonds-- presents the vital technique of ordering and classifying observations in chemistry. besides the fact that this speculation isn't really comparable on to the physics which governs the motions of atomic nuclei and electrons. it's the objective of this crucial new booklet to teach thought might be constructed to set up the molecular constitution speculation, demonstrating that the atoms in a molecule are actual, with homes envisioned and outlined by way of the legislation of quantum mechanics, and that the constitution their presence imparts to a molecule is certainly a outcome of the underlying physics. accordingly, the type established upon the idea that of atoms in molecules is free of its empirical constraints and the whole predictive energy of quantum mechanics could be included into the ensuing theory--a idea of atoms in molecules. Eminently available and readable, the booklet will curiosity all scientists concerned with test and remark on the atomic point, as well as theoreticians.

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