Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants and Phenomena by C. W. Leadbeater PDF

By C. W. Leadbeater

ISBN-10: 1564596745

ISBN-13: 9781564596741

Partial Contents: surroundings: seven subdivisions, levels of materiality, features of astral imaginative and prescient, the air of secrecy, etheric double, documents of astral gentle; population: human, the adept or chela, psychically constructed individual, black magician, the useless, usual individual after demise, the shell, the suicide, sufferer of unexpected dying, black magician after demise; Nature Spirits; Elementals shaped consciously; Phenomena: churchyard ghosts; apparitions of the death, haunted localities, bell ringing, fairies, speaking entities, clairvoyance, precipitation of letters, transmutation, repercussion.

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This class is just mentioned in order to make the catalogue complete, but it is of course very rarely indeed that so exalted a being manifests himself upon so low a plane as this. When for any reason connected with his sublime work he found it desirable to do so, he would probably create a temporary astral body for the purpose from the atomic matter of the plane, just as the Adept in the mind-body would do, simply because his more refined vesture would be invisible to astral sight. In order to be able to function without a moment's hesitation on any plane, he retains always within himself some atoms belonging to each, round which as a nucleus he can instantly aggregate other matter, and so provide himself with whatever vehicle he desires.

Be it remembered then, that when spirit, resting on any plane (it matters not which—let us call it plane No. 1 ) wills to descend to the plane next below (let us call that plane No. 2) it must enfold itself in the matter of that plane—that is to say, it must draw round itself a veil of the matter of plane No. 2. Similarly when it continues its descent to plane No. 3 it must draw round itself the matter of that plane, and we shall then have, say, an atom whose body or outer covering consists of the matter of plane No.

It must be clearly understood, as before explained, that the idea of space is not in any wav to be associated with these sub-planes. A departed entity functioning upon any one of them might drift with equal ease from here to Australia, or wherever a passing thought might take him; but he would not be able to transfer his consciousness from 44 that sub-plane to the one next above it until the process of detachment described had been completed. To this rule there is no kind of exception, so far as we are yet aware, although naturally a man's actions when he finds himself conscious upon any sub-plane may within certain limits either shorten or prolong his connection with it.

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