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Soc. r. e. no Ham effect) vibronic absorption lines may still be considerably modified. Rather more molecular orbital calculations relevant to the electronic spectra of inorganic systems have been made than in previous years, partly as a result of interest in the new Xct statistical exchange method. 12' With the Xa method octahedral fluoride clusters o f Ti"', Cr"', MnN, NilV, and Nil' yield quite reasonable values of lODq and charge-transfer energies. e. , the ' lZb lz7 lZ8 129 130 A. I . Ryskin, A.

34 Electronic Structure and Magnetism ojInorganic Compounds Because many of the crystals which inorganic spectroscopists wish to study cannot be grown very big, there is continuing interest in microspectrophotometry. For example, Japanese workers'42 have developed an instrument capable of recording visible spectra on a crystal 6 x 3 pm with the sample cooled to 90 K. Designs for variable-temperature cryostats continue to appear143-145 although gasflow cryostats are beginning to gain acceptance over more traditional types as they are more flexible and simpler to operate.

1973, 12, 1096. J. Zsako, J. Sata, and C . Varhelyi, Acta Chim. Acad. Sci. , 1973, 78, 387. G. Wirth, C. Bifano, R. T. Walters, and R. G . Linck, Inorg. , 1973, 12, 1955. 0. N. Boksha and T. M. Varina, Kristullogrufiya, 1973, 18, 564. Electronic Spectra 41 strictly speaking has only C, symmetry. e. '04 In past years several groups have reported spectra of [Cr0,I2- doped into alkalimetal halides, and two further additions to this corpus have now appeared. 206 In the azomethine complexes of Mo with the general formulae LMo(CO),, L is bidentate and the co-ordination hence distorted octahedral.

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