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By Chuck Missler

ISBN-10: 1578210615

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Every person pretty well sums up this e-book stable by way of giving it a five famous person rating.. simply learn this publication, its very first-class and in my view the simplest ebook i have learn to date. It rather attracts you in and its not easy to place me its a very strong book:)!

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When he landed in Pendleton, Oregon, he was interviewed by a group of reporters about what he had seen. " The next day the Seattle Post Intelligencer newspaper ran the headline, "Mystery Disks Hurdling Across the Sky" The New York Times picked up the story and suggested that Arnold had seen nothing more than atoms escaping from an overwrought bomb. S. Government. Arnold's treatment by the media was less than favorable. 75 Something had created a shallow gouge several hundred feet long, and debris was scattered over a large area.

And why 50 years of government cover-up? On January 12, 1994, United States Congressman Steven Schiff of Albuquerque, New Mexico, stated to the press that he had been stonewalled by the Defense Department when requesting information regarding the 1947 Roswell event on behalf of constituents and witnesses. " Agencies in which something might be known, including the CIA, have refused to cooperate with investigators. When seeking Roswell or UFO-related documents through the Freedom of Information Act, researchers have been repeatedly stonewalled.

M. On this evening a United States Air Force pilot Second Lt. K. P Kelly and his wife saw a single spherical, pulsating red object floating stationary. Then it changed shape from spherical to a vertical oval. The sighting lasted for about five minutes. THE CHRONICLES OF VALLEE Sightings of metallic flying craft that dematerialize, change shape, and perform aerial feats impossible for a physical craft are abundant in the chronicles of civilian researchers as well. One of the largest collections of such encounters belongs to Jacques Vallee.

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