New PDF release: A Guide to Serving the Seven African Powers

By Denise Alvarado

ISBN-10: 1442119276

ISBN-13: 9781442119277

Creole Voodoo, a different combination of African, Haitian, local American, Catholic, spiritualist, and eu people magic traditions, welcomes the uninitiated. inside of are entire directions for developing altars for every of the Seven African Powers, together with tips to petition the orishas, in addition to a few useful spells. This advisor is written for those that are usually not initiated into any particular Voodoo culture, yet wish to make the most of realizing and practising age-old real Voodoo rituals. the writer, born and raised within the Voodoo wealthy tradition of latest Orleans, has written this ebook from the point of view of Creole Voodoo, for which there aren't any formal initiation rites. this is often the revised variation, and comprises two times the data because the first version. Plus, there's an additional bankruptcy on operating Magick with the Seven African Powers and an extra 12 spells and rituals. This ebook is richly illustrated through the writer, who's famous for her distinctive conjure paintings sort, and whose paintings has been celebrated in different books and on nationwide Geographic's Taboo.

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Myth has it that Yemayá gave birth to the 14 Yoruban Goddesses and Gods. When her uterine waters broke, it caused a great flood creating the oceans. The first human man and woman were borne from her womb. Yemayá is the Creation Goddess, and is often depicted as a mermaid. She is associated with the moon, ocean, and female mysteries. As such, she is the governess of the household and the matters of women including childbirth, conception, childhood safety, love, and healing. Extremely compassionate and merciful, Yemayá rules the dreamtime, oversees the Moon, deep secrets, ancient wisdom, salt water, sea shells, and the collective unconscious.

It is children who bring good fortune from Heaven to Earth. Olugbe-rere ko, Olugbe-rere ko, Olugbe-rere ko, The Great One who gives good things, the Great One who gives good things, the Great One who gives good things. Gbe rere ko ni olu-gbe-rere. Give me Good Things from the Great One who gives Good Things Ache! So be it. Now you may write a letter to her on a piece of parchment paper and throw it into the ocean or sea. 39 How to Serve the Seven African Powers Create a Communication Ritual Bowl or Jar for Yemayá This ritual is best done during a full moon.

To take a Golden bath you will need: • Chamomile • Calendula flowers • Yellow Rose petals • Yellow food color • Yellow candle • Honey Light the yellow candle. Place the other items in a tub of warm water. Drizzle the honey over your head down to your toes.

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