New PDF release: A Grammar of Savosavo

By Claudia Wegener

This is the 1st complete description of Savosavo, a non-Austronesian (Papuan) language spoken via nearly 2,500 audio system on Savo Island, Solomon Islands. in keeping with fundamental box info recorded through the writer, it offers an summary of all degrees of grammar. moreover, a whole bankruptcy is devoted to nominalization of verbs via one specific suffix, which happen in a couple of buildings starting from lexical to syntactic nominalization. The appendix offers glossed instance texts and a listing of lexemes.

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For example, Dressler 1989; Haspelmath 1996, 2002; Bauer 2004). For the purpose of this grammar, the terms ‘derivation’ and ‘inflection’ will be used with a strong focus on category change. g. from a verb to a noun, or from a transitive to an intransitive verb). Such morphemes can add to or change the semantic content of the base, and some can not only occur on individual lexemes, but also on phrases or even clauses. Morphology that does not induce a class change, on the other hand, will be considered as inflectional.

Stem modification Stem modification is only used for inflection and not very common. Four verbs show agreement with the object by means of stem modification; these are pala ‘to make something’, sala ‘to follow someone or something’, solo ‘to throw something or someone’ and bola ‘to shoot someone or something with a weapon’. 13. 4 for a discussion of why this is analyzed as a change of aktionsart, and not as aspect marking. 14. Distributive plural marked by reduplication is not considered to be derivational because of two reasons: it does not change the word class or subclass of a lexeme, and it functions on the phrase level, not on the word level.

6. Diphthong Arguments for distinguishing vowel sequences from diphthongs come from stress patterns of words uttered in isolation or in a very short sentence, in particular the influence of affixes and clitics on the stress pattern of a root. 3. At the time of writing only one vowel sequence has been identified as having the status of a diphthong in some contexts, namely /ai/. The example that suggests that /ai/ sometimes has the status of a diphthong is the noun vaitula ‘servant’, which has primary stress on the first syllable: "vaitula.

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