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This serious exam of STEM discourses highlights the critical to consider academic reforms in the varied cultural contexts of ongoing environmental and technologically pushed adjustments. Chet Bowers illuminates how the dominant myths of Western technological know-how advertise fake supplies of what technology can in attaining. Examples display how some of the technology disciplines and their shared ideology principally fail to deal with the methods metaphorically layered language impacts taken-for-granted styles of considering and the function this performs in colonizing different cultures, therefore preserving the parable that clinical inquiry is aim and freed from cultural impacts. directions and questions are incorporated to have interaction STEM scholars in turning into explicitly conscious of those matters and the demanding situations they pose.

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The interpretative frameworks of non-Western culture are excluded, as well as other ways of thinking that have not entirely disappeared in the West. The continued reliance upon this root metaphor can be seen in the following explanation of how the brain works. are the electrochemical, digital on-off switches connected by their axonal ‘wires’ in an intricate network inside your head. . Did they learn this mechanistic conceptual framework as part of their professional studies? Does the over-reliance upon machines lead to representing the brain as like a machine—or did the mechanistic root metaphor marginalize awareness of cultural/linguistic influences?

For example, when prior and current scientific knowledge, as well as current research findings and debates, are stored and communicated through the technology of the printed word, what is amplified are a number of misconceptions about the objective and factual nature of what appears in print—which in turn reinforces the deep cultural misconceptions that ignore the emergent, relational, and ethnocentric patterns of thinking. What the technology of print undermines is the awareness that facts and objective accounts encode human interpretations, including past misconceptions and silences.

Perhaps the most persistent and unrecognized force sustaining ecologically problematic beliefs held by many of today’s scientists is what Friedrich Nietzsche referred to as the will to power expressed in “the need to interpret, to name and categorize, and to take control, that drives the quest for knowledge of how the world works” (Kaufmann, 1968, 266–281). That is, the will to power is the motivating force in avoiding the uncertainties of a paradigm shift that would result from relying upon the root metaphor of ecology for understanding the cultural transforming and conserving processes that must now be undertaken.

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