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By Carl Wickland

Vintage ebook on Spiritism, psychic examine, after-death.

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The tip of the age is upon us. quickly the heavens should be shaken, and the battlefield of an historic struggle will make its method to the earth. the material of time and area trembles packed with fractures lower than the tension of warring battalions, but we of earth take a seat in stillness, in a quiet region of our universe, essentially ignorant of the forces approximately to embark upon us.

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DID THE book OF THIS infrequent MANUSCRIPT reason FAMED ASTRONOMER DR MORRIS ok. JESSUP TO 'COMMIT SUICIDE? " Or was once he murdered due to what he knew? just a handful of copies have been initially published on an place of work copier by means of a personal govt contractor. NOW to be had AFTER approximately 50 YEARS at the night of APril 20, 1959, an astronomer dedicated suicide in Dade County Park, FLorida.

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During this extension of Phylos the Thibetans' treaties at the soul development of Mainin, we discover conversation among the better spirit and the extra carnal earthly self of Mainin. A conversation jam-packed with truths and examples retraced repeatedly in different texts. That existence is an overcoming of SELF, and repair to others is the instance of all non secular adepts and the Christ.

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B. I'm glad to get rid of you. Sp. I'm glad too. I'm mighty glad to get out of that prison. Why didn't you let me out? I knocked and knocked, but you kept me there. (To Dr. ) You gave me those fire things, then I got out, and I'm glad of it. Dr. Did you get out after the last treatment? Sp. You call that a “treatment”? 45 Dr. If you got out of that lady, I should call it a good treatment. Sp. You don't know how I suffered from that fire, especially the shooting. You are the one that gave me that fire, and I don't like you!

Now we are going. Come on, the whole gang of you. Goodbye. _______ On a subsequent date a spirit “Harry” was brought to the circle for enlightenment, and, controlling Mrs. Wickland, maintained an interesting conversation regarding another spirit that had been troubling Mrs. Burton. Spirit: HARRY Dr. Where have you come from? Sp. I don't know where I am, and I don't know what is the matter with me. Dr. Would you care to know what is the matter? Sp. I don't know what is the matter. Dr. Did something happen to you?

For whom will you vote for President? Sp. I don't know yet. Dr. How do you like the present President? Sp. I like him; he is pretty good. Dr. Do you know anything in particular about him? Sp. He's all right; there's no flies on Roosevelt. Dr. Is he President? Sp. Of course he is. He just got in. McKinley was also a good man, but you know, Mark Hanna had an awful influence over him. It is a long time since I bothered with politics. I have been shut up a long time, but, my God and Stars in Heaven, I'm nearly crazy from that woman talking all the time.

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