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By Angus Dunnington

ISBN-10: 1901983226

ISBN-13: 9781901983227

With out method, a chess video game is simply a sequence of tactical tips. an excellent procedure binds jointly the strategies, and allows a participant to make methodical development in the direction of victory.This ebook makes definite you are going to by no means be in need of profitable concepts. Angus Dunnington makes use of his a long time of chess enjoying and coaching to supply an arsenal of principles that may be hired in lots of forms of place. those plans were confirmed in lots of grandmaster video games, so that you will be convinced that through the use of them your video game may be soundly established.

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The forward ima e often a ears in connection with a conviction that the opponent is forced to capture, in reply, a sacrificed or exchanged piece. Here is a position from t he game Liberzon-Taimanov. Tbilisi 1 967 . allce-image is observeci-m-l'a-imanov·s-ea-leuiatftms-;. -tk:---­ believed t ha t the varia tion 3S . . RxN 36 pxR R·Q8ch with a win. was forced. and in fact that is how the game ended. Black had not seen the move 36 Q-B6 which would change t he assessment of his pla n . It should be mentioned t h a t seeing such intermediary and quiet moves is psychologically especially difficult.

Calc ulated only upon the capture of the pawn which gave a Win m every vanatton . e game continued 40 . . K2 Q-N3ch 44 Q-B2 QxQch 45 KxQ R·B7 46 K·K2 and it soon ended in a draw. At times the persistence of attention that is centred upon future posiiions is so great that reality is a lmost completely ignored. A pawn . a piece, remain en prise and the player does not see the direct danger. He thinks in terms of t he future and makes the grossest one-move oversIghts. an incident. N-B4 , 27 .

QN5 , and Kho l mov was able to convert his init i ative into a win . Note t h at in t he Geller· Keles-pusition 11 BxNctrPxltwas--str o-ng, aM only now 12 Q-KS, threatemng N·Q4. After the move in the g am e Keres succeeded in freeing h im self of the pin 1 1 . . 0-0! and a fter 1 2 BxN came 12 . . B-Q3. Possibly Geller did not play 1 1 BxN b�c a use intuitively there was a n association a t wor k , due to the sim ila rity to his ga�e against Kho l mov. Geller decided not to help Kere s ' Q-side pawns to by �ecausein t1'\e-previousgamethathad workedin Bla-ek-'s-faveucJ" T� .

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